A quick look at some core features
Custom Design Without Coding

Easily change the look of your website using drag and drop functionality and without knowing any coding. Make it your own!

Product Variations

Create unlimited and multiple colors, sizes and materials for any of your products and add unique product images to match.

Payment Options

Use manual payments, COD or accept payments using 15 popular payment processors, including Stripe, PayPal and

Product Comparison

Let customers select multiple products and compare them.

Reviews and Ratings

Allow customers to leave reviews and ratings for your products. Engage customers to increase sales.

Ship Anywhere

Use flat rate shipping or cater to specific distribution logistics using table or weight rates.

Slide Cart

Impress your customers with a slide out cart where customers can edit /remove products (without going to checkout page). It also automatically updates upon clicking the “Add To Cart” button.

Search Store

Add the option for customers to search your store and easily find the product they are looking for.

Product Display

There are several ways of displaying your products. Sign up and explore the ways in which you can customize your website.

Product Carousel

Place an elegant carousel at the widget area to showcase your products. Let your customers flip through your latest products.

Show Related Products

Tempt customers to make more purchases by displaying related products. Choose how many to show, pick a list or grid, and select whether to relate products by categories or tags.

Social Sharing

Add popular social site links next to your products and let your customers promote you on their favorite social networks.

Out of Stock Items

Automatically hide a product if it is out of stock or choose to let customers custom order it.

Purchase Motivation

Motivate customers to spend more on your store. For example ask them to add Rs x of products to get free shipping.

Guest Checkout

Enable or disable guest checkout. You can also limit sales to specific countries.


Blog to your heart’s content and keep your customers up-to-date via your blog.

Inventory Warning

Choose the quantity at which to get the alert so you can stock-up before your product goes out of stock.

Checkout Recommendations

Let customers get recommendations on checkout in the form of ‘Customers who shopped for XYZ product also shopped for…’.

Wish List

Let customers make their accounts and add products to their wish lists.


Customers can sign in and check the status of their orders.


Easily add custom pages to your web store and add any content you wish.


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